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  • How to download Lucky patcher version 6.4.1 (Latest)



    I dont provide you fake links to download Lucky patcher. As we know this app harms the rights of app creators so google has removed this from their Google Play Environment. But don not worry. Once a app is loaded anywhere around this ocean of INTERNET. It cant be fully removed from here. Link for downloading lucky patcher is given below:


    Descarregar Lucky Patcher Apk



    For Downloading old versions of lucky patcher, you can visit full information guide from http://www.lucky-patcher.co/


    One more thing you can use lucky without rooting your mobile phone but it will be enabled with limited features. So if you want to use its full range of features you have to Root your device first. Lucky patcher app can also be used in Apple Ipones


    How to Root your device to use Lucky pathcer:


    Rooting allows to use developers rights in your mobile phone you can change phone's interface as well as you can modify it according to your need.It breaks security enabled by the mobile phone developers to protect it from intruders. After Rooting process you can change your device interface, install any usual app . Remeber mobile phone company wont provide warranty facility if you root your device.


    • Download KingoRoot.apk

    • Install KingoRoot.apk in your phone.

    • Allow access “ unknown sources” settings

    • Open "Kingo ROOT" app and start rooting.

    • Wait for a while till results on mobile screen appears

    • You would be either succeeded or Failed.



    Note: If you find the broken download link, reply us through the comment box or mail us. We will try to fix it within 24 hours.



    Kik for PC

    Instant Messeging App

    What are thinking after reading heading ?? Yes, your favorite instant messaging app is now available for Personel Computer. You can download Kik for Pc from our website. We have given various features enabled in this amazing app too.

    If you are facing any problem in choosing username what to choose or what not to choose while creating Profile on Kik Messenger then you may follow our list of usernames given on our website http://kikloginonline.org/


    Download Kik for PC now


  • Lucky Patcher: Download Now

    Click on below given download link

  • Vshare for ios 10.1.1

    Let’s imagine one fine morning you wake up and heard that all the applications that were being available to you by purchasing them will now be free.Come on guys just don’t be shocked and close your mouth otherwise any fly will come inside and have her home their.!!!


    I am gonna let you know some of the hacks that will change the way of you using an ios device,a jail breaking technique is present that can be understood as breaking some unnecessary applied rules that are harmful to your pocket which is your hard earned money.


    For downloading VShare on iOS 10.1.1. You will be needing a PC. As this is a new method that we will be going to use by installing VShare on iPhone or iPad using vShare helper tool which is PC version of VShare and is used to install Vshare on your iOS device. The version installed with helper tool on to your phone is more stable and efficient called VShare SE. As far as free apps are concerned you should checkout TU TU APP too.

    The previous process that were being used are not validated till now as a new method is now available ,but the previous methods will not be used they need to be done without jail break for lower version like 9.0,9.2 etc.


    1.easy access and user interface

    2.app downloading made simpler

    3.instant updates available

    4.compatilbe with the latest version of ios 10


    Vshare SE is a new stable edition of Vshare. It has improvements, bug fixes and crash fixes. More apps are available and moviebox is back. This version is more efficient than the previous Vshare pro version.


    Steps to download

    • Open browser, Type the URL http://appapk.org/vshare-download-ios-devices/. Vshare site will open now with several download options. Click on the first Download option.vShare iOS 10.1.1 installer with start downloading on your PC. vShare installer downloads click on its icon and install it. Chose One Key Installation. Launch the vShare helper tool on your PC. Connect your iOS device to the PC. vShare helper will detect the device and authorize the apps. Wait till the successful connection is made. Tap on install vshare and within seconds vShare iOS 10.1.1 will be installed on your phone. Launch vShare SE iOS 10.1.1 from the homescreen

    Error handling

    1. Shut down any open apps on your device

    2. Wait a minute or two and then try the above steps again.


  • Megabox HD

    Megabox is another application that allows you to download your favorite HD movies or TV shows on your android devices. It can be installed either of android phones or tablet to enjoy live streaming experience.


    This application is free of cost it never asks you to pay,if you are being asked to pay somewhere you are being cheated so beware. It has largest movie catalogue in which every movie or tv show that is released is present.

    The functionality is very similar to all the other movie streaming apps. User interface of this app is very simple as everything is available on the front page. data base of megabox id being updated daily so as to add new shows and movies. You can easily navigate on MegaBox HD app. In the left side, you can see all the categories. In those categories, you can find New, Popular and updated HD movies and TV shows.it can be downloaded from here Megabox Megabox is similar to the vidmate app that offers same features ,here all the most visited appears on the first page and less visited are at the secondary pages .it is easily available on Google play store. vidmate has uncountable features that can be discovered by its use but some of them are different formats can be downloaded, more than two videos can be played at once, watch live telecast of cricket match without buffering and many more are yet to be discovered it can be downloaded from the given link http://appapk.org/vidmate-apk-download-for-android/

    Features of Megabox HD.

    1. Availability of Offline Downloading.

    2. Different formats downloading

    .3. Favourite Feature

    How to use Megabox HD app

    • Launch the app to watch movies and TV shows.
    • As soon as you launch the app, numerous movies will be displayed on the homepage. Opt the one you want to watch and click on it to open.
    • Details related to the movie will be displayed beside the selected movie
    • Tap on the video tab that is beside the information tab.
    • As soon as you click a dialog box will appear asking weather to download or play and on which quality standards would you like to watch.

    That is all about Megabox HD App and features offered by it.Here you will be watching the best quality episodes and movies in the resolution you wish to see.it also index the movies and tv shows with a real time algorithm as soon as they are telecasted.



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